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RFID Solutions
A thorough understanding of wireless technologies and software development enables Azure to provide RFID technologies that expand real-time visibility to the edge of the enterprise, empowering organizations to improve asset utilization and visibility, improve personnel safety and streamline and automate workflows. We can help you understand whether passive or active RFID is best for your application, meet your requirements for passive and active RFID readers, tags and antennas and provide system engineering, as well as custom tag and reader development and software development for a new RFID application.
Passive RFID technologies utilize tags that are less expensive than active RFID tags, but have a rather reduced read range, making them appropriate in applications where it is possible to read them at short distances. Passive tags have no battery.  Instead, they rely on RF energy transferred from the reader to the tag to power the tag.  Passive RFID tags typically have a read range of up to 3' but, at certain frequencies and optimal conditions, can be read at up to 20'.
Azure is very experienced in active RFID technologies, which transcend the basic data acquisition functionality of traditional, limited read range, passive RFID technologies. Unlike passive RFID, active RFID tags are battery powered and provide read ranges of up to several hundred feet and can incorporate monitoring of temperature, humidity, direction, motion, contact, tamper, GPS and a number of other options that make them even more versatile. The imagination is truly the only limitation when it comes down to realizing the potential benefits of active RFID for applications like proximity awareness for increasing safety and awareness.
Azure Solutions can assist enterprises with the development of  custom RFID readers, tags and antennas that meet needs for specific form factors and increased functionality or features, eliminating compromises to desired objectives . Whether active or passive, we can work with you to develop a new form factor or incorporate new technology into an RFID product that meets your requirements.
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