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Professional Services
Azure Solutions provides a wide variety of professional services related to wireless and wired networks, cellular enhancement and RFID solutions throughout the solution lifecycle. We have designed, built and supported hundreds of wireless networks, many consisting of several hundred access points, across the globe, since the introduction of the Wi-Fi standards. Our experience translates into expertise in providing reliable services for our clients. Consulting Site Surveys Design Engineering Project Management Implementation Support Troubleshooting Assessments
Site Survey & Design
Wi-Fi site surveys and network designs assure that a new network will provide wireless connectivity that supports uses, applications and client capacity. While Azure Solutions has the tools and experience necessary to perform predictive designs that do not require on-site survey and testing, we strongly believe that an on-site design is preferable as it takes actual environmental conditions that will affect signal propagation into account, ensuring that the network will immediately meet requirements and that costly post-installation changes will not be required. We've performed designs for networks consisting of hundreds of access points that support demanding applications in challenging environments across the globe and can bring this expertise to your Wi-Fi network.
Network Assessments
Wi-Fi network assessments have become an increasingly popular service offering. As enterprises seek to utilize more wireless applications and need to support more and more wireless client devices, existing Wi-Fi networks, often designed and implemented when Wi-Fi was a novelty, are showing their inability to support the increased load and more demanding advanced applications. A network assessment enables an enterprise to understand its wireless environment and the capabilities of its Wi-Fi network and take proactive steps to make sure that it can support its growing wireless needs.
Azure has developed extensive Wi-Fi network troubleshooting as a result of its experience in Wi-Fi, demanding client and partner application requirements and use of advanced toolsets. From troubleshooting problems with healthcare translation video systems to inconsistent communications with automated guided vehicles systems to general enterprise connectivity challenges, Azure has unsurpassed expertise in Wi-Fi troubleshooting and can help your enterprise solve it perplexing issues.