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Azure Solutions provides technology solutions and services that reduce operating expenses and improve information flow, productivity, safety and efficiency to a wide variety of enterprises and organizations, including healthcare, education, government, financial, entertainment, manufacturing and industrial processing.

Over time, Azure has leveraged a legacy expertise in wireless networking solutions into an organization that also includes business practices in traditional network infrastructure and active RFID solutions.

Wireless Networking Solutions
At Azure, our specialty is wireless networking solutions, and we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else. We have seen wireless evolve and been there every step of the way as our clients have increasingly benefited from the advantages of untethered connectivity.

Network Infrastructure Solutions
From cable and fiber plants to closets and racks to switches and routers to security and servers, Azure can deliver an IT infrastructure solution that meets your needs, whether it's part of a wireless network or not.

Active RFID Solutions
Azure’s understanding of wireless technologies and its never-ending evolution as new technologies emerge led it to develop an active RFID business practice, capable of developing innovative products like SafeScene, the world’s first automatic accountability system for first responders.

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