There is little question that wireless is changing the way the world communicates.  The mobility enabled by wireless can improve productivity, employee and customer satisfaction, responsiveness and efficiency.

Whether it's the design, engineering, implementation or troubleshooting indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi networks or point-to-point wireless links, Azure Solutions' clients benefit from our unparalleled experience and expertise.

From cable and fiber plants to closets and racks to switches and routers to security and servers, Azure can deliver an IT infrastructure solution that meets your needs, whether it's part of a wireless network or not.

A thorough understanding of wireless technologies and software development enables Azure to provide RFID technologies that expand real-time visibility to the edge of the enterprise, empowering organizations to improve asset utilization and visibility, improve personnel safety and streamline and automate workflows.

We can help you inderstand whether passive or active RFID is best for your application, meet your requirements for passive and active RFID readers, tags and antennas and provide system engineering, as well as custom tag and reader development and software development for a new RFID application.

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From basic communication to business operations, a strong cellular signal is essential for everyday life.

But, all too frequently, there are problems with weak cellular signals inside of buildings that end up reducing productivity because users must move to another location to get a signal that is strong enough.

From distributed antenna systems (DAS) for larger facilities to bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) solutions for smaller facilities, Azure Solutions can engineer and provide a variety of solutions to enhance cellular coverage.

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Azure Solutions provides technology solutions and services that reduce operating expenses and improve mobility, communications, information flow, productivity, safety and 
efficiency to a wide variety of enterprises and organizations, including healthcare, education, government, financial, entertainment, manufacturing and industrial processing.

Over time, Azure has leveraged its legacy expertise in wireless networking solutions into an organization that also includes business practices in cellular enhancement, traditional network infrastructure and RFID solutions.

Cellular Enhancement

Wireless Networks

RFID Solutions

Professional Services

The Azure team is highly experienced in providing professional services associated with the successful design, deployment and support of its solutions and troubleshooting of wireless challenges.

The Azure team is also very experienced in the integration of applications that are enabled for mobility by wireless, including telephony, video, nurse call, data collection, automation control, automated guided vehicle control communications, SCADA and manufacturing shop floor communications.

Azure also provides wireless-specific professional services to VARs, integrators, engineering firms and OEMs who may have clients who require wireless solutions, but do not possess in-house wireless resources.

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